Charles WashomaRecommendations & Endorsements

I have received many endorsements and commendations throughout my career but the words I will remember most are those of my late Headmaster upon completion of high school in 1991 who said of me in a recommendation “I believe Charles will make a worthy contribution in his adult life and to the world”.

I have received endorsements for my skills in the areas of relationship management, business analysis, strategy, corporate governance, and management consulting from a number of business leaders including Mr. Ibrahim Kaduma, Chairman – African Life Assurance, Margaret Dawes, Executive Director – Sanlam Emerging Markets (SEM), Azim Jamal, Chairman & Founder - Corporate Sufi World Inc and renowned Author, Speaker, and Life Coach, Junior Ngulube, CEO - Munich Reinsurance Africa, Harpreet Duggal, President – International Markets Binani Cement, Jay Dobah, CEO Mphilo Yami Insurance Brokers, Aiden Eyakuze, Director Serengeti Advisors, Wilberforce Machimbidzofa, Executive Director Reinsurance Solutions Group, Philip Van Schalkwyk, Chief Operating Officer Astute.

Some of Charles’ endorsements and recommendations include the following:

“Charles is an inspiring leader who shows commitment, passion and drive to the goals he sets for himself and the organization in which he’s leading. Not only have I been impressed in how he managed to achieve the leading market share while running African Life Assurance, but also by his commitments in the community, to motivate leadership and ambition into the next generation. I first met Charles in 2007, while working on a country report on Tanzania, where he helped me to better understand the business environment and thus we were quite successful in our work there”

Rubelyn Alcantara, CEO, Push Observer 2012

“I have worked closely with Charles as a fellow member of the Governing Council of CTI, the Confederation of Tanzania Industries. I have always found Charles as a progressive professional, always ready with new ideas to tackle the issues facing business in Tanzania. His joining has definitely made the working of the Governing Council more effective”

Harpreet Duggal, President - International Markets, Binanani Cement 2012

“Charles is hardworking, industrious, and innovative person and the manner in which he dealt with his clients was extremely professional. He is a man who is very thorough and takes pride in his work. He was a great pleasure to work with”

Frank. C. Frith, CEO, MIB Glenrand 2002

“Charles won the deepest respect of his colleagues through a consistent demonstration of outstanding leadership and his clear sense of purpose. Charles’ natural leadership capabilities are unquestionable. Charles’ approach involves a careful analytical assessment of issues and broader consultation with his colleagues prior to reaching a decision. He posseses numerous talents and considerable self-discipline. He is fun loving, likeable, enthusiastic, trusting and trustworthy”

Brian Gweja, Director - Aon Consulting 2004