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The Gate of Heaven

19 January 2016 - 10:33pm -- charles
The Gate of Heaven
For those who are running
In fear for their lives
In search of love
To find peace 
To find rest
There is a stairway
Resting on the earth
Reaching up to heaven
From it blessings pour out
'Heaven's dew and earth's richness
An abundance of grain and new wine'
From high the promise made
It is a rock and a pillar
A firm foundation
This is an awesome place
Where many are called
But few venture to enter
The temple and the body
Where love abounds
Where you will find peace

Running towards You

15 March 2015 - 2:13pm -- charles

Running Towards You

My dead bones rattled and came together
With tendons and flesh 
My sinues alive and strong
Breath has entered my soul
Gathered from the four winds
And I have come to life
I have risen out from the grave
I have risen from the valley of dry bones

Pharoe's chains have been removed
But the chariots linger
Waring in pursuit of my soul
Yet behold Sodom has fallen
It is up in flames
Crumbled to the ground
And so it is I am running
Leaving all that is past
I reach out for what lies ahead


8 March 2015 - 5:16pm -- charles


Deep coldness settled
Scorching heat could not warm
Sea no longer aqua
Waves dark and heavy
Repressed hearts stirring to wake
From a time long past

A scream tucked away
Tucked away in softness
Of broken innocence
A scream loud to heart
Quiet to ear
Lips sealed
Sealed to utter silence

Memories and mysteries
A darkness faced alone
In the company of uncertainty
As the faded line lingers
Between dreams and reality
Trying to assemble fragmented pieces
from the future's broken past

Diamond Kisses

7 March 2015 - 1:11pm -- charles

Diamond Kisses

Shimmering light streams
shine through pearly whites
Soft lips with tender smiles
Glowing as stars in the night
to form an arched milky way
A galaxy of emotions
laced with chardonnay

The rich taste of love
in sweet kisses shared
The glowing of translucent eyes
Peering into the soul's other half
Warm embraces on pillows of joy
Slipping into delightful dreams
and waking back to the tenderness
Of these kisses of the soul

The gold rush long forgotten
In moments long awaited
From marriage banns to wedding bands
The sweet scent of one’s beloved
Opening the senses
And the heart’s confession
of love’s never ending vow
Some say “Diamonds are forever
But I say kisses are for the very present