Running towards You

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15 March 2015 - 2:13pm -- charles

Running Towards You

My dead bones rattled and came together
With tendons and flesh 
My sinues alive and strong
Breath has entered my soul
Gathered from the four winds
And I have come to life
I have risen out from the grave
I have risen from the valley of dry bones

Pharoe's chains have been removed
But the chariots linger
Waring in pursuit of my soul
Yet behold Sodom has fallen
It is up in flames
Crumbled to the ground
And so it is I am running
Leaving all that is past
I reach out for what lies ahead

The waters of the Sea have parted
Making a way clear for me
A path along which I may run
And so it is that I am running
Not away from,
But towards You, the Great "I AM"
As a Son runs to his Father
With great expectation
Running to You for help and shelter
Running to You in my joy and sorrows
Running as I have never run before
Running as a worthy contender
And Keeping to the rules of the race

As I run, I hear your footsteps
For You too are running
With thunderous steps You leap
Behind, around, and ahead of me
You neither sleep nor slumber
But show yourself strong on my behalf
And so it is I am running
I am running towards You
Running with patience
In the race that is set before me

Running up to the Mount of Olives
To hear the sermon over and over again
That this life I may surmount
Running up to the hill on Calvary
To cross the intersection of the Cross
To come before you broken as I am
With an alabaster jar of the finest perfume
To annoint and pour over you
To kneel and wash your feet with my tears
As You teach me your living Word

Keep your promise to me
That I may renew my strength
To walk and not be weary
That I may see visions
And dream dreams in my old age
That I may mount up with wings
And fly like an eagle
Keep me from stumbling
But if I should fall of folly
Your grace and mercy lifts me

And so it is:
I am standing firm in the faith
Sure of what I hope for
And certain of what is not seen
Behold, the weak are made strong
And I am running as a herald
Proclaiming a new dawn
Your Word and Your Kingdom
Shining your light into dark places
I am running the good race
With perseverance, I am running
In such a way as to win the prize
I am running towards You!