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29 January 2015 - 4:42pm -- charles

Is it not better to confess sin
than to honour evil?
Is it not better to suffer shame
than to dishonour God?

Though I am already bare
for the Lord see's me
I choose to undress of this death
To be exposed, alas to be naked
To myself, to you, and to God

I confess, my eyes look to spledors
Of this world they do lust
My flesh yearns for fulfilment
with the appetite of a gluton
My heart is full of pride
It boasts in the things of this life


21 January 2015 - 5:04pm -- charles



Naked I cannot hide
So I lose my foolish pride
To bare my soul
And keep my spirit whole
That none should I chide
But instead in grace abide

The Voice Within

5 November 2014 - 3:01pm -- charles
The Voice Within

Wholey consecrated to God
I am journeying through life and learning
First to listen and then to trust the voice within
I am allowing myself to think the things I am thinking
Allowing the mind of my spirit to hear the voice of the Spirit
The voice that brings insight, illumination, and enlightenment
It always whispers to me
, saying "This is the way, walk in it"
Separated and distinguished from the voices of strangers
I recognize and can see it with the eyes of my heart
And confidently give expression to it
As I follow my Saviour

By Charles Washoma

Revelation 2:7

Modern Day Armour

5 November 2014 - 9:49am -- charles
Modern Day Armour

The day is breaking and I awake to what must be done
Before facing the day I look towards my armour
Set aside from before, neatly hung
And ready to be worn

Preparing my mind to enter the fields of battle
I look intently at my armour to see the warrior within
I imagine myself fully arrayed and protected engaging in combat
And I see the victory that is at hand

Readying my hands for war
I visualize all events unfolding perfectly
Every detail of the strategy falling into place
All allies impeccably aligned, all adversaries overcome

Confident, I reach out and start to adorn myself

In Awe of You

4 November 2014 - 9:24am -- charles
In Awe of You

As I watch this man
I find myself in awe of you
For this is what I see:

A man, once fallen from grace now restored
Knowing the hope of God’s calling
A man, who while yet in sin was covered by your grace
A man, who though not deserving is showered of your love
A man, whose heart of stone has been made flesh and filled with a new spirit
A man, once naked and ashamed now clothed and out of hiding
A man, once poor now a prince and heir to a great kingdom
Knowing the riches and glory of God’s inheritance
A man who was once blind but now sees with the eyes of the heart
Knowing the fullness of your enlightenment


24 October 2014 - 9:09am -- charles
When all of life and the crowd encircle me
I long to be far and alone in deep seclusion
In the presence of my own thoughts set free
To find solace in a place sure of my inclusion

The allure of my own company courts me
Where the ruminations of my soul abide
Running as deep and as wide as the sea
Where life reflections come as a great tide

Here, always staying true to my convictions
Pure and unadulterated by wily machinations
Unaffected by any toxic views and opinions
Whether new or passed down the generations

As I sit alone in this great and vast expanse
In the realm of reflection, meditation, prayer
It feels as though I am in such a divine trance
In timeless space, if minutes pass am unaware

Yet, when alone with my thoughts in solitude
I long for the companionship of other people
I long for a listening ear to hear my gratitude

Do Something

21 October 2014 - 11:15pm -- charles
Let me not simply sit
Without strive or profit
Let this seed not lie idle
As a talent in the ground
Without return to its keeper
Let me not sit in fear and despair
Without return to the Creator of all

I want to do something:

To create something
Something wonderful
Something powerful
Something beautiful

Let these hands be like the potter
Let these hands be as the sculptors’
Let them be as the silversmith
Let them be as those of my Creator

Because, I want to do something:

To create something
Something wonderful
Something powerful
Something beautiful

Yes, I really want to do something:

To do something great
I want to be someone
To be someone great
Someone like you Lord

Oh, how I want to do something!
Because I was made on purpose
For a purpose, to do something!

The Fishermen

19 October 2014 - 8:08pm -- charles
Fishermen of the Coast
I am standing and staring out of the window looking far into the distance. The water flows, rippling perfectly when caressed by the easterly winds. Birds dance with the morning sky as they call out to one another. All the while they happily sing the chorus to a beautiful song

The cliff edge is gently kissed by the waves as they bid good morning to the land that surrounds them. Beyond this immediate beauty and splendor I see fishermen over the water in the distance. They will have ventured out early just when the sun contemplated its own rising. They sailed their boats, embracing the wind and slicing through the water

They have settled and cast their nets so now they sit and wait, carefully watching. As they sit and watch they talk of times past and times to come. In the meantime the fish are biting. One by one they eagerly greet the bait

The Laughter of Love

17 October 2014 - 7:58pm -- charles
The Laughter of Love
In their laughter
They love anew
Two faces, once young
Now crinkled and creased
But still more beautiful than ever
As laughter lingers long in timeless love

Their faces like fireworks
Lighting up the night sky
They laugh the laughter of lovers
Reveling in the unraveling of a gift
In the gift of love’s joy and gladness
As though the morrow will never come
They laugh as birds chirping in their nests
As though there was only that moment in time

You can hear their joy from afar
It is as the laughter of childhood
It is free, without care, and ever playful
Yet as ancient, wise and serious the sages
The laughter of Love is a most curious
And beautiful thing, to be heard and shared

It is pleasing and delightful
It is a product of and yet produces joy
It is as the washing of the tropical rains

Wondering about You

11 October 2014 - 5:55pm -- charles
Wondering about You
I arise from the dust
In the midst of splendor
Woken from deep slumber
A slight aching in my side
My eyes now firmly fixed
Gazing in your direction

As I look at you,
My aching starts to ease
And I begin to wonder
Yes, I wonder in amazement
At what point you realized
Yes, when did you grasp
That you are so beautiful?

Was it when you first looked?
In the mirror to see such grace
And noticed that you are so lovely
Or was it when someone first told you?
Oh yes, I am wondering about you!

As I ponder about you, I wonder
Do you feel as beautiful as you look?
Indeed I wonder how it feels
How does it feel to be as gorgeous as you?
Indeed, I am now ever wondering about you!

Your beautiful smile
It says you are happy
So beautifully happy