Lord, Speak to Me

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3 March 2015 - 2:27pm -- charles

Lord, Speak to Me

Speak to me through long conversations of the soul
Walk and talk with me as you did the first man Adam
Abide with me as you did the Second man Christ
Fellowship and commune with me
Bring me into relationship with You
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
Because I want to recognize more than just Your voice
I want to know and to recognize You, the Eternal One

Speak to me in the ‘still small voice’ of the Spirit
Whether I turn to the left or to the right
Whisper to me and say “This is the way, walk in it.”
Speak to me through the breadth of Your Word
Let it reside deep in the chambers of my heart
Teaching, rebuking, correcting
And training me in righteousness

Speak to me as You did Your servant Moses
Call me by my name and draw me close
Speak to me through the burning light of truth
Yet keep me from being scorched
Let my face shine with the brilliance of Your light
Speak to me face to face as a man would speak to his friend
Giving me Your holy commandments
And writing them in my mind and on my heart
Instructing me to confront, even kings, with truth in Your name
Speak to me through inspired thoughts and visions

Speak to me as You did with Elijah
Speak to me in the remotest of places,
Speak to me in my place of hiding
Speak to me when I am in fear for my life
Speak to me not in vague terms
But as clear as the waters of the stream
Speak to me not in the wind, earthquake nor fire but in a gentle whisper
Instruct me in the way I should go and in all that is to follow

Speak to me as You did with Isaac
At the ‘well of the oath’, declaring:
That You are my God,
That You are with me,
That You will bless me
And that You will give increase
Not only to me but to my children
And to my children’s children

Speak to me as You did your servant David
Speak to me in the open fields
Speak to me as I pursue your calling
Speak to me more so in my sin
When my heart is distracted and astray
Speak to me through Your faithful servants
That I may receive wise counsel, prophecy, and be encouraged
Speak to me through Your Spirit as You inspire these psalms
Give me the design and pattern of Your new temple
The temple that now resides in the hearts of men
Give me the firm rock and foundation upon which to build
Help me to become and remain a man after Your own heart
Speak to me through my conscience
Through great unctions of the heart
Speak to be in the silence of my devotion
Speak to me in the joy of my worship and praise to You
Speak to me in the language of the Kingdom
The one to which I have become a lifelong and eternal citizen

Speak to me as You did with King Solomon
Through the revelation of a dream
Allow me to “ask for whatever” I want that You may grant
And in that moment please give me sense
The sense to ask for what matters most
“A wise and discerning heart”
To this gift please add both riches and honour
Yet keep my heart from desiring the trappings of this world
and the death of my enemies
But rather let me always desire wisdom

Speak to me as with Your servant Job
Appear to me in Your golden splendor and awesome majesty
Lord, allow me to hear the voice of God when You speak to me
In that moment help me to brace myself like a man
As You bring answer to my questions by questioning me
On the great wonders of this earth and the heavens
Keep me from darkening Your counsel
Keep me from speaking words without knowledge

Speak to me as you did the Pharacees and Sadducees
With great testing and scolding
Challenge everything I hold dear
Expose my heart for what it is
For without You it is but a white washed tombstone
Filled with the stench of death
But with you it is the sweet fragrance of life eternal

Speak to me as You did the Disciples
Speak to me in close quarters
Showing me the ways of the Father
Bestowing Your peace and Your Spirit
Giving Your Great Commission
Challenging me to pray and to keep watch
Speak to me in the prose and poetry of Your parables
Speaking of Your unconditional love
Doing away with tablets of stone
And writing Your covenant on my heart
Inscribe Your love into my soul
That I may listen and take pleasure in obeying Your Word

Speak to me as you did Christ Jesus
Tell me that I am one of Your children
And that You are well pleased with me
Let me hear the running waters
As they pour life into my soul
Let me hear the sounding of the trumpet
Calling me to the duties of heaven
Let me hear the melody of the harp
Calling me into your presence
Let me hear from Your Son Christ Jesus
The Word, Logos, the Spokesman of all Heaven

Speak to me through Your living and active Word
Sharper than a two edged sword let it penetrate my soul
I am taking time to read Your instructions,
To speak with You in prayer,
To bring my petitions before You
To meditate and ponder Your ways
And ask that You trust me Lord,
Trust me enough to speak your heart into mine
And let me know of Your deep mysteries.
I know that You hear me, as I call to You
Now allow me to hear from You
As You show me great and mighty things
As You teach me things I do not know

Whether visibly, audibly or in visions and dreams
I simply pray that You appear to me as is pleasing to You
My heart has been circumcised
And listens intently for Your voice
I long to hear You speaking wisdom
Entreating and telling me not to fear but to look toward Heaven
Always helping me to recognize Your voice when You speak 

Yes, speak to me assuring me of your sure return, for me and all the saints
Let me not mistake my own voice, wants and desires for Your unmistakable voice and will
Remind me of the wonders You have done
Remind me that the present heaven and earth will pass away
And that You are creating a new Kingdom, as You speak to me and to all creation
Through faith in the One that was promised
I have boldly entered the realm of the Holiest
The Holy Spirit that searches all things

I long to hear the voice of the Almighty
I long to hear the Eternal One, speaking to me now and evermore 
I long to speak with Him and to worship Him face to face