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8 March 2015 - 5:16pm -- charles


Deep coldness settled
Scorching heat could not warm
Sea no longer aqua
Waves dark and heavy
Repressed hearts stirring to wake
From a time long past

A scream tucked away
Tucked away in softness
Of broken innocence
A scream loud to heart
Quiet to ear
Lips sealed
Sealed to utter silence

Memories and mysteries
A darkness faced alone
In the company of uncertainty
As the faded line lingers
Between dreams and reality
Trying to assemble fragmented pieces
from the future's broken past

A call cries to the Ancient of Days
To rescue the soul
The Spirit moans and groans
As interceding petitions journey
To find the Thrown of Heaven
Love and mercy pour out so richly
And spirit is born of Spirit
We wake from slumber as warriors
And rise from the valley of dry bones

Musings of muddled thoughts settle
Settling from turbulence to peace
And ghosts vanquished as we move
From dark closets to open skies
Where only angels dwell
And hearts awaken
To where the Spirit of the Lord is
To where there is freedom

By Charles Washoma

"The night is nearly over;
the day is almost here. So
let us put aside the deeds of darkness
and put on the armour of light.
Romans 13:12