September 2014

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Lamented Straits

25 September 2014 - 10:20pm -- gisella
'Lamentable Straits'
Turned from our places of comfort
We elevate our thoughts upon the Heavenlies
And take but one course to eternal joy and happiness
Answering the call to cure ourselves and many of ill fate

On this journey we face many dangers, toils and snares
On the one side is the wrath of God for the denial of truth
While on the other rests the wrath of men for speaking truth
And towards such hazard many souls have fallen prey and perished

Such are the lamentable straits of the pilgrim
Yet better it is to offend the frail, self-seeking egos of men
Than it is to offend the eternal, righteous, and holy God
And to stir and incur His anger, wrath, and judgment

Fearing dire straits and longing for pleasures many profane
Entrenched in lusts they disregard their perishing souls

Awesome: What is Awesome?

23 September 2014 - 3:59pm -- charles
Awesome: What is Awesome?
We have sought out our own greatness, to be awesome:
We built the tower of Babel and yet we could not touch or enter Heaven
We built the empires of Babylon, Rome, Mongol, Kush, Aksum, Mali, Songhay, Mutapa
We built them strong and fierce, ruling many lands yet they all crumbled to the dust in ruin
We built kingdoms and dynasties but they were as the sands and blew away right before our eyes
We have created towering idols yet they not only consume our sacrifices but also devour us
We can see all the stars and distant constellations yet we cannot see the Creator in creation
We have made so many scientific discoveries but we’re still to understand simple truth