Afrika, We need Ideas, Creativity & Innovation to Develop Communities!

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5 August 2013 - 9:07pm -- charles


Endimi elima emparangwa etaha. (Haya)
Kila mtu ana kipawa chake. (Swahili)
Individuals have different talents. African Proverb (English)

Africans have the ability and the skills to create the future they desire. In order to create, it is necessary to come into contact with one’s true identity. This knowledge of self allows for people to pursue their passion and purpose in life. Clarity of purpose infused with passion inspires and fuels great ideas allowing creativity to reach its full potential and people can positively impact their own lives and those of the people around them. Whilst ideas may seem small and simple in the beginning they, in the long-run, can change and greatly impact our communities, nations, and the world over.

Africa, as well as the entire world, faces socio-economic and political problems. As individuals we are inclined to look for someone or something other than ourselves to find a solution and or to apportion blame. In many cases individuals and societies look to governments for the solutions to the present day challenges such as unemployment. Yet no government has the capacity to solve this problem. However, we have the individual and collective ability to address many of these challenges and the change towards finding solutions starts with self. Our talents are not solely for the purpose of improving and enriching our own lives but to be of service to humanity. Ideas review and challenge the status-quo and try new ways of doing things in different spheres of life. Ideas shape and define our lives and the direction of communities and the world over. It takes courage to create, so we must encourage creativity in all spheres of society so that people move beyond the grips of fear and inertia. Through innovation we can create and bring about great change. We can initiate development and create a community of harmony and peace.

Inspired dreams and visions fuel ideas that can change the world. Ideas can permeate all areas of life. Good ideas should be allowed to spread and impact many areas of life and as many people as possible. Concern and compassion for others will inspire transformative ideas and activities effectively changing minds, hearts, and lives across communities.

Through creativity we can experience passion and purpose and the fun of journeying to achieve our potential. We can create hope. Creation is an act of courage that requires great conviction and commitment. We can work to cultivate and create the right value systems which take time and patience to build yet can be ruined relatively quickly. We should not wait for the condition of society to become desperate before taking action to remedy that which is not right. We should not waste opportunity but rather realize the potential for good that we all have individually and collectively. By doing well for ourselves and helping others we make the world a much better place. We should not be paralysed by fear but rather we should be courageous in creatively molding the future we seek.

The social behaviours of laziness, begging, dishonesty and overall lack of principles have permeated and quickly spread in many of our societies. The changes we make individually at the personal level and collectively at the community level will change the world as we know it today. In collaborating we need to challenge our own paradigms and the status quo. We should creatively invest ourselves towards bringing about and producing the positive vision of Africa we all hope for. We can all make a difference. Codependence and collaboration within a community entails a reliance on each individual contributing their time and talents.

We need to generate the right ideas, those that will benefit society, and to act on them with commitment. These ideas need to be shared in order to have a wide impact, geographically and generationally. The success and future of Africa does not rest with the developed world or governments but with you, with every one of us taking small creative steps and doing what we can to make this land a better place. Through the use of our creative imagination we can bring about VISION, EMPOWERMENT, HOPE, SOLUTIONS, and the right CHANGE.