6 Benefits and Rewards of Successful Management!

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24 July 2013 - 10:46am -- charles

As leaders and managers in organizations, we choose the activities, strategies, and tactics the team employs to achieve set priorities and objectives. To do this we have a multitude of resources available to us including the energy and excitement of our departments and the organization, creativity and ideas, time, and the financial resources available for day-to-day requirements and special projects. In the many years of my management and leadership experience I have found that there are several benefits and rewards of successful management and these include the following:

  1. Income: Increased income and performance bonuses enable you to enjoy an improved lifestyle, taking better care of your family and making better provisions for the future. Increased wealth also enables you manager to be more charitable helping those that are less fortunate.
  1. Fulfillment: Feeling the satisfaction of executing your plans, overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities to achieve your personal goals and those of the team. This is something to be proud of.
  1. Organizational Success:  You achieve a sense of meaning and relevance in providing services and products that are of value to customers and the general public. The growth of the organization should translate to growth of the people that build the business as well as expansion and employment possibilities for new resources. This is a major contribution and is of importance to both the community and national economy.
  1. Inspiration:  Your success as a manager and that of your team provides an example and inspiration for others to be diligent, creative, dream big and aspire to greater things. This is especially important for young people, as they are the hope for our common future.
  1. Lasting Bonds: When a manager engages people authentically and professionally it gives opportunity to establish a network and long lasting friendships with colleagues, industry associates, and clients. These relationships can be a great contribution to your personal and professional future through their advice, support, encouragement, and connections.
  1. Prominence: Successful leadership gives the manager a good reputation and prominence among colleagues and society. This prominence comes on account of the fact that people come to accept, appreciate, and respect the manager’s views, accomplishments, and contribution to the success of their colleagues, the work place, and community progress and development. Prominence or fame is a by-product of good leadership. It should never be the reason anyone seeks to be a leader.

We all have the capability to become managers, and successful ones at that. This journey begins with successfully managing yourself on a day-to-day basis in all that you do, both in your private and professional life. Management is not a function of one’s title and is therefore not limited to those already in management positions. So go ahead and be the best manager you can be and enjoy the many benefits that come from being a good manager!