5 Ways of Promoting Creativity within the Organization

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20 April 2013 - 10:51am -- gisella

Promoting CreativityCreativity is one of the most important parts of any organization. It is what gives a company its uniqueness, as well as something for others to relate to. Therefore, it’s important that all members of an organization are aware that creativity is not only allowed, but encouraged.

  1. Question How Things have been done - Challenge the status-quo and review alternative solutions. Remove any barriers that prohibit people from doing things differently and develop an environment of innovation.

  2. Identify the Right People - Whilst everyone possesses the ability to be creative and each person should be encouraged to both explore and utilize their creative ability, there are those who are more open and predisposed to be creative. Those with creative ability need to assist in leading and helping others to be creative.

  3. Remove Fear of Taking Risks - Accept that to be creative you have to take risks. These risks may range from people love or laugh at what you decide to wear to the office to whether your organization makes a profit or loses money on a new range of products or services. Learn from your past and research the mistakes made by others so that you may minimize your risks when venturing out.

  4. Allocate Time for Creativity - Creativity needs to exist throughout the business. Whilst there are some departments and job roles whose very nature necessitates being creative throughout the day, it is important to promote the understanding that creativity is a part of everyone’s job. Make time for the creative process and don’t be caught up in the mundane tasks that most work places will inevitably entail. Make time to discuss new, innovative ideas.

  5. Reward Initiative and Creativity - Find ways to recognize and openly appreciate people who take initiative and show creativity. This may be done through your complimentary words, awards (certificates and trophies), as well as increased pay (bonuses and salary).Other ways of rewarding creative people is through improved workspace and increased trust and autonomy. People who think outside the box and find solutions must be rewarded, as they are the ones bringing the most value and revenue to the organization.

Creativity benefits everyone, not just on an individual or organizational level, but societal too. It breeds healthy competition and jobs, boosts morale and constantly improves what we have. Any organization needs to make it a priority to promote creativity.