10 Important Questions to Ponder!

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20 July 2013 - 12:12am -- charles

Today’s fast-paced and demanding world often makes it difficult to have time to stop and reflect. Time will not come and make itself available, though, so we need to make time to think through important issues of life.

When that time arrives, don’t waste it. Here are some simple but effective questions to consider:

  1. Purpose –Have you considered what life is all about; have you come to a meaningful conclusion to say what you think your purpose is?
  2. Values – What are your core values and to what extent are you living these values in your daily life?
  3. Choices – How are you using your values to make important decisions such as choice of career, life partner, solving problems etc.?
  4. Diversity– Do you respect diversity including ethnic, racial, religious and political differences?
  5. Gender– What are your attitudes towards women (in the case of men) and children and are you aware of the gender issues affecting your community?
  6. Community – Do you have an expanded view of community that is beyond your friends, family, race, religion, co-workers, and so forth?
  7. Change – What positive changes need to happen in your community and how can you get involved to contribute to that change process?
  8. Rights – Are you aware of your rights and the responsibilities that they bring?
  9. Constitution– Do you know and understand the constitution and laws of your country?
  10. Leadership – What, in your opinion, are the values that define good leadership and do you model these values in your life?

Stopping to reflect on important life issues allows us to determine our beliefs and philosophies and to make meaningful decisions. I challenge you to carefully think through the above questions and to review your current thoughts and where necessary to change for the better.