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Communicating messages of hope, providing inspiration, and leading with others to build integrated, productive, and progressive communities in businesses, society, and across nations.

Charles believes in intelligent design and that God is the author and creator of life. Charles believes in living life with purpose, he loves the arts, travelling Africa and the world, bungee jumping, skydiving, and is a proud father of four.


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14 January 2017 - 3:47am -- charles

Blocking out the chatter
I am posing questions that matter
Allowing my mind to wonder
All the while minding not to wander
Without doubt I stay the course
determined to feel the force
For in this realm of contemplation
is where I find the power of creation
A poem by Charles Washoma

From Ten to One

10 February 2016 - 12:37am -- charles

Counting Back from Ten to One

There was just one rule
And so it is we wonder about that
Was it really so unbearable so cruel
that we took the fruit like flying foxes?

The relationship decimated
From paradise we were evicted
To walk the planet feeling hated
No, this is not why we were created!

In our wanderings far from the garden
And after much grief and even despair
We learned to count from one to ten
Commandments we observed with fear

And yet now from a single act
We now count back from ten to one
The command to love we gladly enact
That one day we’ll receive the crown
of life

The seven values which primarily govern my character and conduct are as follows:

INTEGRITY – I am honest and trustworthy. There is consistency between what I say and what I do.
SERVICE – I am committed to making a difference by serving the good of humanity starting with my family and community.

COURAGE – I overcome fear and am able to manage uncertainty.
WISDOM – I clearly distinguish what is right from what is wrong and apply knowledge effectively.
LEARNING – I am committed to a continual process of learning both mentally and spiritually.

CREATIVITY – I greatly value the power and freedom to create which I posses. I see solutions towards a desired point and express myself creatively in all that I do.
ADVENTURE – I see life as a great journey that must be embraced with daring and excitement.